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Playing Solo Classic Traveller Review

Articles and reviews are like buses… you wait for ages and two come along at the same time, as is the case with my second-in-a-row Classic Traveller review, ‘Playing Solo Classic Traveller’ by Zozer Games. This was released on Friday … Continue reading

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Trade Empire-class Commercial Transport Review

The latest release from Independence Games, the Trade Empire-class Commercial Transport supplement is available from DriveThru RPG for $5.99 as a PDF and contains 38 pages. It is also available from the Independence Games web store for the same price. … Continue reading

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Lion-class Battlecruiser Review

The Lion-class Battlecruiser was released by Independence Games in February 2021 and is a product complementing its Earth Sector setting. The book is 55 pages in length and can be purchased from DriveThru RPG or the Independence Games webstore for … Continue reading

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