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RPG Releases and Merry Christmas

Its Christmas Eve and I have a chance to get a final blog post in before the big day. There have been a few interesting releases in the past few weeks so I’ll start by collating and mentioning them here. … Continue reading

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Tunnels and Trolls Memories Part 2

Continuing my review of how I got started in Tunnels and Trolls, inspired by the GROGNard RPG files podcast. I was introduced to the solo dungeons by my cousin Carl, who bought ‘Buffalo Castle’, ‘Naked Doom’, ‘Arena of Khazan’ and … Continue reading

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Tunnels and Trolls Memories Part 1

I’ve been listening to the latest podcast from ‘the Grognard RPG Files’ which has been taking a look back at ‘Tunnels and Trolls’, my first and one of my favourite RPGs. The discussion between the lads at Dirk Towers (namely … Continue reading

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The Fantasy Traveller Part 9 – Experience Points

One of the big criticisms of Classic Traveller, is the lack of an experience points system. This was highlighted in the Grognard files podcast The Grognard RPG Files which succinctly confirmed my own view when I first got hold of my … Continue reading

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