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Sword of Cepheus Review Part 1

I’ve been looking forward to reviewing Sword Of Cepheus for a while and I’ve been sorting out my blog post plans for the next few months, so it feels good to get my teeth into putting a post together for … Continue reading

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Cepheus Engine Fantasy Traveller Part 2 – Character Classes

I’ve been interested in the responses and comments on the ‘Citizens of the Imperium’ Traveller RPG forum following my first post in converting the Cepheus Engine SRD to a fantasy world. So for part 2, I’m going to expand the … Continue reading

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The Fantasy Traveller Part 15 – The Noble Character Class

Though I have started work on converting my ‘Fantasy Traveller’ articles over to the Cepheus Engine rules system, I still want to develop material for the Classic Traveller background, especially as there have been a number of positive comments on … Continue reading

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