Laserburn is a science-fiction miniatures skirmish game published in the 1980’s by Tabletop Games (TTG). A number of rulebooks and scenarios were released; Laserburn is also considered to be an inspiration for Games Workshops Warhammer: 40,000.

Laserburn as Classic Traveller LBBs

Laserburn as an RPG Part 1

Laserburn as an RPG Part 2

Laserburn Memories

The Laserburn Scenarios Part 1 – Tarim Towers Heist

The Laserburn Scenarios Part 2 – Sewerville Shootout

The Laserburn Scenarios Part 3 – Sea Prison Siege

Tabletop Games Catalogue


Spacefarers is another game produced around the same time as Laserburn, published by Games Workshop. The rules are aimed at small-scale miniatures skirmishes using the 25mm figures produced for the range. Spacefarers is featured here as there is a little historical cross-over with the product and Laserburn.

Games Workshop Spacefarers