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Horizon Survey Craft Model

When Zozer Games published the Horizon Survey Craft supplement on DTRPG some time ago (which I reviewed here), I was quite enamoured with the design. So a few months ago (well, quite a while ago) I started designing my interpretation … Continue reading

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Rucker-class Artwork – Re-entry Vehicle

I’ve been mucking around with the Rucker-class model again in POV-Ray. I wanted to use the large curved ‘saucer’ section to my advantage to help show off some sort of flames as the craft skips into the atmosphere of a … Continue reading

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Image Gallery Update – Rucker-Class Pirates

Whilst on holiday this week, I’ve also been busy with updating my gallery over at Digital Waterfalls with a new image using one of my models originally created for the first Clement Sector handbooks by Gypsy Knights Games. *Update* – … Continue reading

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The Art of Homeworld Review

A bit of a diversion for this post and something very special. I’ve been waiting to get hold of a copy of the art book ‘The Art of Homeworld’. Gearbox Software obtained the license to re-issue the classic game, in … Continue reading

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20 Years of Digital Waterfalls and Raytracing

Bit of an artwork / technology post today, as an aside from the usual gaming posts. Today is the 20th anniversary of the ‘birth’ of Digital Waterfalls, my alter-ego name for my raytracing artwork. It was formed with an old … Continue reading

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