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The Laserburn Scenarios Part 3 – Sea Prison Siege

I’ve finally got just over a week off for a holiday so now is as good as time as any to catch up on some writing for the blog. I’ve been steadily collecting outstanding rules books from Tabletop Games’ ‘Laserburn’ … Continue reading

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SJG Necromancer Quick Look

I hadn’t got round to posting anything back at the end of July / start of August when my Kickstarter copy of Steve Jackson Games ‘Necromancer’ arrived in the post. I wanted to post a few images of what it … Continue reading

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200th Blog Post and Site Changes

Whilst looking through the blog stats a couple of months ago I noticed that I was coming up to a significant number; there would be 200 published blog posts here on Alegis Downport. I wanted to do something a bit … Continue reading

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