Mayday! Recovering Adventures from the Past

My old Deluxe Classic Traveller set; an eBay purchase as I always admired seeing this in my games store.

Happy Mayday! The first of May is traditionally celebrated in the Traveller RPG world with events and news promoting the game. There are a couple of pieces of news which I hope you might be interested in.

CyborgPrime Games are running an online event with interviews, online play and prizes all supporting charity. Further details are available via this link:

Traveller RPG Mayday Mayday 2022

Though I can’t take part or watch online due to other commitments, I would like to wish CyborgPrime Games every success for the day!

Marc Miller of Far Future has released a long-lost MegaTraveller adventure ‘Manhunt’, previously announced by Digest Group Publications (DGP) back in the early 1990’s. The interesting thing for me is this involved a bit of digital archeology to recover the files, through retro microcomputer emulators. I occasionally use old machine emulators myself, such as MSDOS, Atari ST and Atari 8-bit in particular. The files were found by the original author on a 3.5” floppy disk and forwarded to Marc, who enlisted help with the data recovery. The disks were successfully imaged as files and loaded into an Apple II emulator, so that the contents could ve examined. The original software was then identified so that the files could be loaded with the correct formatting, exported to a PDF and then be edited using modern word processors.

The final book was published with the intention of trying to keep it as close as possible with the original ‘look and feel’ of the book series, as if it would have been published back in the 90’s. I haven’t been able to check the book out yet (I’ll certainly be picking up a copy though), but can find further details of why Manhunt was never originally released and the effort involved in recovering this product via this link, described by Nick Gibbins.

Manhunt can be found over at Drivethru RPG for $10 (86 pages, PDF. Print version to be announced soon). In some ways, this is a sort of Mayday! story in trying to recover something that was thought lost, but was found and successfully brought back into service – a very appropriate time to announce this book, Mr Miller!

However you celebrate Mayday!, may your die rolls always be 8+ and the Cr be plentiful!

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