2021 in Review

It’s the new year again and I want to look at how the blog has performed over the past year. 2021 has proven to be even more of a challenge than 2020 for all sorts of reasons, personally my family has lost a good friend to COVID and I’ve had to take some time off for my own health issues. Despite my own challenges, the blog has performed extremely well and increased visitor numbers by about 20%; so, here’s the detailed analysis of the trends for 2021:

In 2020, there were a total of 13,405 page views from 5410 visitors. In 2021 there were a total of 16,547 page views from 6,101 visitors, an increase of 3,142 page views and 691 visitors, respectively. Comments and likes were about the same, but still really pleasing to see the stats going up – ‘thank you’ to everyone from around the world who paid a visit to the ‘Downport blog last year!

Trends and Analysis

Despite me being ’MIA’ and not posting anything for nearly four months in the latter part of the year, the average monthly number of visitors continues to rise, up from 1117 in 2020 to 1379 in 2021. Total number of posts was down from 26 to 22.

Top Ten Articles

1 Sword of Cepheus Review Part 1

2 Getting Started in Classic Traveller

3 Hostile Review

4 Barbaric! – Review

5 Sword of Cepheus Review Part 2

6 The Traveller Book Print on Demand

7 Cepheus Light Three-Format Review

8 A Hostile Christmas

9 Laserburn Memories

10 Cepheus Engine Fantasy Traveller Part 1 – Basic Character Generation

Middle popular articles continue to be a mixture of Independence Games products (with ‘Rider’ from them being the most viewed) with Stellagama and Zozer Games releases again being evenly spread. However Laserburn continues to be popular and Classic Traveller posts have had a bit of a resurgence.

A highlight for me was a small celebration with the 10 year anniversary of the blog and the publication of my first RPG – Quantum Sorcery through Stellagama Publishing! I did also manage to achieve two out of three aims from last year, with a couple of articles published in the Cepheus Journal and the ‘Getting Started in Classic Traveller’ post. I’m not sure if I’m going to develop the Fantasy Traveller articles any further, the Cepheus Engine Sword of Cepheus / Barbaric! / Quantum Sorcery products have largely filled that gap, so I think if I want to do any work along that theme, I’ll do more for Quantum Sorcery.

Other than that for the coming year, considering I was out of action for nearly four months and the ongoing pandemic, I’m not going to set myself any specific targets other than to try and be reasonably consistent with my review and posts. I’ve got a few things in mind I want to write up, plenty of review material so at the very least if I can increase the number of visitors and page count, that will be a result in my mind.

In the past year there have been and continue to be an excellent number of products being developed for Cepheus Engine along with a great supporting community. There have been some new releases for Classic Traveller as well, hopefully Far Future Enterprises will be able to re-release printed versions of the original GDW line again.

Thank you to everyone for all the kind comments and feedback that visitors send in. Thanks also to all the publishers and friends (especially John at Independence Games, Omer at Stellagama and Paul at Zozer) that support this blog by sending products for me to review – I do appreciate it! Keep safe everyone, look after yourselves and fingers crossed for a better year ahead.

Luna, my Vargr crewmate has been at the grog again, deciding to sleep it off on the comfy chair aboard our free trader…

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