Blog Update

It’s been over a couple of months since I last posted to the blog, for a number of reasons I’ve needed to take some time off. I decided to not pressure myself into trying to do much if I didn’t feel like it, I keep reading things about how to look after your mental health so thats what I’ve done. However, I’m conscious of a number of reviews I want to do as there has been quite a bit of activity with new releases over the past couple of months.

Whilst I’ve been quiet publishers such as Independence Games and Stellagama have continued to send me products to review for which I’m immensely grateful and it looks like that the eagerly-awaited Zozer Games ‘Hostile’ rules book will soon be published. I’m going to need to take a few more weeks off to get my head back into the right place, so that I can catch up with reviews and start posting again once the Christmas holidays start.

Thank you to the publishers and visitors who have supported my blog, please bear with me and I will be back soon!

About AlegisDownport

Musings on the Traveller RPG world, technology, astronomy and digital art.
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6 Responses to Blog Update

  1. Do the right thing for yourself. If your heads right the blog will follow!

  2. bob says:

    It’s been a hard couple of years. Just take care of yourself!

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