Hostile Rules Update News

I’m currently sat on a beach on the north west coast of Wales, finally enjoying the late summer sun after a gap of two years since I was last on a beach. Being as my Vargr crewmate is also asleep by my side I’ve taken the opportunity to post some news that Zozer Games ‘Hostile’ setting book has been updated (as of yesterday). For those who have already purchased Hostile, you’ll get a free update to the 2021 edition via your Drivethru RPG account.

To quote the email that I received last night, here is what Paul Elliott (author of Hostile) has to say:-

‘HOSTILE has begun the next stage of its lifecycle! The grim and gritty science fiction book has undergone a beautiful new layout along with some revised illustrations, all engineered by talented science fiction artist, Ian Stead. Since the actual content remains generally unchanged (with only the drones & robots, and some of the skill tables being revised), Zozer Games is replacing the older 2017 version with this new 2021 version for FREE. Simply visit your Download Library in DrivethruRPG to download the new, revised PDF.

The HOSTILE Setting book will be joined at the end of the year by a brand new companion book called the HOSTILE Rules. This complete, setting-tailored rulebook will be all that you will need to play the HOSTILE game, but it isn’t mandatory – the setting book still works fine with the Cepheus Engine RPG!

We’re in print, too… Zozer Games releases its HOSTILE rules and supplements at the Lulu Publishing website. Simply search on that site for Zozer Games or for HOSTILE, you’ll find us quickly and easily. This new revised HOSTILE Setting book is available for purchase on Lulu as a full colour softback (either with deep colour background or white background, for those who prefer it). It is also offered as a full colour hardback book – which is a real joy to hold and read. Of course, once the companion HOSTILE Rules is released at the end of the year, it will also be offered in print on LULU.’

So there you have it; I downloaded the book last night to start reading through it, if you have already purchased Hostile then you’ll find the following files:-

I know there is quite a lot of interest in a tailored set of rules for Hostile (even though you can use the generic Cepheus Engine / Light rules set) so this is great news and I shall certainly be picking up a copy along with the new printed edition very soon.

Sun, sea and sand at last…

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1 Response to Hostile Rules Update News

  1. Narmer says:

    Thanks for pointing this out! I’ve been interested in the setting but having bought it yet.

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