21 Characters Review

Bit of a short review for this blog post, just published in the past few days by Independence Games is the latest in their ‘21…’ series of supplements. There have been a number of these released over the years. If you run a search here on the blog, you’ll find lots of reviews right from some of the very first to be published just over ten years ago when they were first released under the Gypsy Knights Games name. This release is actually aimed at their Clement Sector background, though with a little bit of work the content presented inside could be reused for the Earth Sector setting or other Cepheus Engine-compatible products.

21 Characters is a 40-page supplement available from Drivethru RPG for $5.99 and is only available as a PDF download. It is also available direct from the Independence Games webstore via this link. As the products title suggests, the book contains 21 NPC’s with fully-developed backgrounds and game statistics which can be used to supplement a game or campaign. Of course, they could also be used as player-characters if you are looking for a quick start to an adventure. The value in products like these isn’t just the ready-to-use characters, but also the backgrounds and personal histories they come with which can be used as plot or adventure hooks. All the characters presented have been generated using the Clement Sector Core Rules and associated supplements.

Each of the characters is detailed over one or two pages, including personal characteristics (aka UPP), length of career, skills and description where the individual came from, some family history, education, career and where they are now. In addition, there is a facial illustration (head and shoulders only) so you get an idea of what they look like. There are some quite nasty pieces of work and you certainly wouldn’t want to meet them in a dark alleyway!

You have a choice of characters ranging from some who have had a brush with or are currently involved in criminal activity, celebrities with questionable aims, ex-vagabonds, an ex-fighter pilot, a private investigator, an uplifted Panda, an investigative reporter, starship crew and a recon scout, amongst others.

This is a very-well presented book to the usual high standard of Independence Games products. There is plenty of variety between the characters and the illustrations are of excellent quality. This is a book that is well worth picking up and will certainly prove its worth having it handy when you are next taking an adventure in the Clement Sector. I would like to thank John Watts of Independence Games for kindly sending me a copy of 21 Characters to review.

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