Cepheus Journal and Light Second Edition

Bit of a Cepheus Engine focussed post this one, looking at a couple of pieces of news.

Cepheus Journal #007 Now Available

First up, the team over at the Cepheus Journal have posted the latest issue in the downloads section. Following their current trend, this issue has a particular focus on espionage and the secret service (not at all related to the issue number, I’m sure…), though there are still some sci-fi related articles over its 40 pages.

This issue features:

Beyond the Iris Valve’ by Joseph Jaquinta

Joseph takes a look at physical movement around a starship and how rooms are isolated and sealed on board spacecraft. Rounding off the article is the outline for an adventure featuring an interesting NPC.

Eroctopi’ by Timothy Collinson

This is an interesting and highly detailed look at an alien race known as Eroctopi. The closest analogy is the Terran octopus and Timothy presents this intelligent race with plenty of detail and background with a couple of adventure seeds.

Lagrange Rendezvous’ by Joseph Jaquinta

Another useful and technical article by Joseph, this looks at the Lagrange points and how these could be fed into adventures.

The Raiders Lament’ by Jo Jaquinta

The first part of a piece of science-fiction set in the far future.

The Chort’ By Neil Lucock

A complete shuttlecraft including a set of deck plans and game stats.

Why do People Betray Secrets They’re Supposed to Keep?’ by Peter Simon

This article looks at the motivations as to why people spy and divulge secrets and this can fit into a game.

Zaibatsu Retrogenics’ by Norton Glover

A collection of physical enhancements and bioware for your Zaibatsu or cyber-orientated games.

Intelligence Networks’ by Norton Glover

Describes how you could set up an intelligence network for covert operations.

CIA Special Activities Centre’ by Ewan Spence

Ewan has put together some details and background on this division of the CIA with game stats for Modern War.

From Visby with Love’ by P-O Bergstedt

A one-shot scenario set in the middle ages involving delivering an important message.

Who Goes There?’ by Brett Kruger

A couple of secret-agent orientated NPCs round of this issue of the Cepheus Journal, so as per usual there is plenty of variety, useful and thought-provoking articles.

Submissions for the next issue are being accepted with a deadline of the15th of September. The theme for the issue is ‘retro sci-fi’.

Cepheus Light Second Edition

I’ve been involved in helping to review the playtest copies of the second edition of Stellagama Publishing’s Cepheus Light rule set. The rules have been substantially revised and there is a huge amount of new material included in the second edition. As such, the page count has gone up and this has prompted a change in name. The second edition will be known as ‘Cepheus Deluxe’ and the page count will be approximately 160 pages, comparable to the Sword of Cepheus rule book.

Initially available in A4 book format, there will be an A5 version released at a later date in PDF and print formats. Once the new edition is published, the 2018 version will be free to download in PDF format. Those who have previously purchased Cepheus Light will receive a 30% discount off the second edition when it is released on the 8th of September in PDF and in October in print format.

I’ll certainly be picking up a copy as soon as its released and I’ll be writing a review.

I’d also like to thank Omer Golan-Joel for kindly letting me see the new edition and take part in the playtest.

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1 Response to Cepheus Journal and Light Second Edition

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great news about Cepheus Light! Not sure how I feel about its somewhat bland cover and naming convention, since it’s not CE Deluxe but rather CL Deluxe; which might lead to some confusion regarding its content. Still excited though, the first edition is a great product prime for more content.

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