Brightwater-class Personal Yacht Review

The Brightwater-class Personal Yacht is the latest release from Independence Games. This is a complete starship which includes deck plans and though its background is based in Independence Games’ ‘Earth Sector’ setting, it could be used in most 2D6 SFRPG games and situations.

The book is 25 pages long and is available for purchase from Drivethru RPG or the Independence Games online web store for $5.99 as a PDF or $19.99 as a softcover book including the PDF. The book starts with an overview of the type, physical characteristics and crew makeup. With an in-service date of 2345 it was originally commissioned by a billionaire who was unhappy with the limited number of yacht designs available. The ship is much smaller than most yacht designs with it being in the 100 tonnes size; a key aim of the ships design was to be one of the smallest hulls available that could accommodate the Zimm Drive. The ship is marketed to those in the civilian sector who are looking for a ‘premium’ quality starship and want something a bit more ‘exclusive’. The shape and design of the ship is quite sleek and streamlined and sports a Type A Zimm Drive with a maximum two parsec transit capability, along with two weeks duration worth of fuel. There is one hardpoint for offensive weaponry and a total of six crew with four passengers can be accommodated. It costs a total of 68.9 MCr for a standard design, however a key selling point of the Brightwater-class is the high level of customisation that is available and no one ship is the same. Cargo space though has had to be sacrificed and the original design (produced between the years 2325 and 2345) only had one tonne available. However, the latest version currently in production now has five tonnes available thanks to improvements in the design.

This is quite a short ship book (in comparison to some Independence Games spacecraft titles) but what you get is good quality, with plenty of detail about the ship. There are several deck plans (by Michael Johnson, who is also the author) detailing different areas of the yacht across the two design variants. Of course, there are lots of monochrome and colour illustrations by Ian Stead displaying the ship in various angles and colour schemes. Both variants have complete Clement/Earth Sector game statistics provided which are also compatible with Cepheus Engine, increasing the products usefullness.

The book offers a useful starship which could be used in a number of scenarios, especially as (as described in the ship background) it is targeted at the more expensive market and owners will likely have a great deal of wealth and business interests. This is a another quality release from Independence Games and is well worth picking up. One personal observation is that though the price of the soft cover book could be considered a bit steep at $19.99 for 25 pages, this reflects the recent price increases across the board by Drivethru RPG which IG have little control over. Based on previous releases the softcover printed books are very nice products so if you do decide to buy a copy, it will be a decent purchase. I would like to thank John Watts of Independence Games for kindly sending me a copy to review.

DTRPG Christmas in July Sale

However, if you are looking to pick up some of Independence Games’ products (or anything from Drivethru RPG for that matter of fact), then now is your chance as DTRPG are running their ‘Christmas in July’ sale, with 25% off a range of products. The discount currently applies to all of Independence Games’ releases with exception of the Brightwater-class. The sale is on until Monday the 2nd of August 2021.

New Zozer Games Hostile Scenario

Also worth noting is there is a new ‘Hostile’ free scenario available for download, over on DTRPG; called ‘Psychosis’ this is the fourth in the line of one page scenario / NPC ideas. The background is that the the players have been brought together to investigate a death at a science research station. Soon after there has been another; are they connected and what do the deaths have to do with what the scientists are investigating?

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