Cepheus Journal #006 Published

Just in time for the weekend, is the latest edition of the Cepheus Journal (#006). Bit of a fantasy special, reflecting the flexibility of the Cepheus Engine rules set and the plethora of recent 2D6 fantasy games and supplements that have been published.

This month there are features on:

A Review of Barbaric! by Brett Kruger

Swashbuckler! More detail in melee combat by Peter Krett

The Dead Forest a fictional tale by Robert L S Weaver

The Legend of Ignatious a look at Dragons by Joseph Jaquinta

The Kobold Old School Rethink by Paul Drye

The Vengeance of Dimion NPC for Barbaric! By Timothy Collinson

Octorus a sea creature for Sword of Cepheus by P-O Bergstedt

…along with Alternative Magic and Spell Tables for Quantum Sorcery by yours truly…!

Along with some rather striking cover artwork by Stéphane ‘Wootha’ Richard, this is certainly worth a download and read with a morning coffee!

Issue #006 can be downloaded from here and the Cepheus Journal website can be found here. Thanks to the Cepheus Journal team for the latest issue!

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