Cepheus Journal #005 Now Available

Whilst pulling together my notes for an article I wanted to submit for the next issue of the Cepheus Journal, number 005 has arrived today! A very pleasant surprise to see this announced over on MeWe, just in time for the bank holiday.

In this issue we have a wide variety of articles stretching across fantasy, science-fiction and modern settings. Subjects featured include: fighting the undead, world building looks at hostile planets, sizes and a look at the system Epsilon Indi. British Cold War tanks are discussed covering the modern era and there are plenty more articles to read across the issues 44 pages.

You can pick up a PDF copy direct from the website here: Cepheus Journal #005 download.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get my article finished for submission for issue #006!

About AlegisDownport

Musings on the Traveller RPG world, technology, astronomy and digital art.
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2 Responses to Cepheus Journal #005 Now Available

  1. BeRKA says:

    Thank you for posting. Looking forward to your submission for the next issue.

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