The Great DTRPG Traveller Sale

If you’re looking to stock up on Traveller RPG or Cepheus Engine titles, Drivethru RPG are having a ‘Great Traveller Sale’ at the moment. This features 25% off titles plus some special deals from publishers such as Game Designers Workshop, Independence Games, Stellagama Publishing, Mongoose and Moon Toad Publishing (click the banner image below to go to the sale on DRRPG).

The sale runs from the 4th to the 12th of February, so don’t waste any time if you’ve been holding off purchasing any new Traveller of Cepheus Engine products!

In new releases, Independence Games have today released ‘Rider’, a Cepheus Engine based set of rules for the ‘Old West’ setting, drawing inspiration from both fictional and historical Western lore. Available now for $19.99 at DTRPG.

Independence Games – Rider

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