Cepheus Journal 002 and New Releases

Its been a pretty busy September and October for me, with a number of home projects to try and get done before the winter starts, along with supporting parents on both sides of my family. Work has been increasingly manic as well, but considering the current situation I’m grateful to be in that sort of position. Hence, I’ve just been getting my head down and cracking on with things, along with a nice long-term project that will hopefully come to fruition in the Spring.

To try and get back into the swing of things, I’m sat whilst carpet fitters lay new carpet at my mom-in-laws, so now I’ve finally got the chance to get a bit of blogging done.

The past few weeks have seen a number of new releases for the Cepheus Engine:

Cepheus Journal 002 Published

This can be picked up as a free download from the Cepheus Journal website.

The latest issue is 40 pages long and features a number of articles, including:

A scenario ‘Major Operation’

Salvage, Prizes and Repair

Starship Ownership

Tech Level Equivalents

Plus some subsector maps and several creatures with bits ‘n pieces for Sword of Cepheus.

There are some excellent and interesting articles so why not pick up a copy via the link above!

New Releases (Links open up to Drivethru RPG unless otherwise stated)

Independence Games

John Watts and the team at IG have been busy with a couple of releases, for the Clement / Earth Sector settings:

Opportunity-class Light Trader – a 100ton light trader which can be found throughout the Earth Sector.

Tim’s Guide to the Ground Forces of the Cascadia Subsector – nice to see additional material still be developed for the Clement Sector setting, since Earth Sector is the focus of most of the new releases at the moment.

Stellagama Publishing

An updated version of their ‘Cauldrons and Casseroles’ cookbook has been released. I reviewed this a couple of years ago: Cauldrons and Casseroles Review

UFO’s – eight classic Unidentified Flying Objects for These Stars Are Ours and Cepheus Engine (including variants also published by Stellagama)

Special Supplement 1 Alien Accomodations – adapt your ship to aliens of all sizes!

Also in the pipeline is a second edition of ‘These Stars Are Ours’, with new artwork and colour. I hope this will be made available as a print-on-demand product with colour, as this will look pretty special!

Moon Toad Publishing

Quick Ship Files: Independence Armed Freighter – this is the first licensed product set in the Clement / Earth Sector settings.

Zozer Games

Zozer have been developing their ‘Hostile’ setting with a few releases, namely:

Synthetics – a guide to artificial humans.

Gunboats and Shuttles – a guide to small craft in Hostile.

Colonial Freighter – a complete starship in the 5000ton class.

Hopefully I can do a bit of catching up with some reviews as I’ve got quite a few on my review pile to go through. Keep safe everyone and look after yourselves!

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  1. BeRKA says:

    Thanks for posting about Cepheus Journal #002!

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