SJG Necromancer Quick Look

I hadn’t got round to posting anything back at the end of July / start of August when my Kickstarter copy of Steve Jackson Games ‘Necromancer’ arrived in the post. I wanted to post a few images of what it looked like, now I finally have a copy in my hands. It had been delayed by a number of months dur to COVID-19 but there were also some production delays which contributed to the international shipping being pushed back a few months. Necromancer is a re-release of one of the SJG ‘pocket box games’ from the early eighties. Thankfully, it was worth waiting for and I intend to make some time for myself to run through the rules for a game. In the meantime, here are a few shots of the box and it’s contents. The overall finish and presentation is excellent and I’m thoroughly pleased with my purchase. I intend to post a review in the near future.

Box contents

The plastic box plus cover

Back cover… the armies of the dead await!

Three sheets of playing tiles, two are pre-cut and all are double-sided in black and red colours

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2 Responses to SJG Necromancer Quick Look

  1. Shelby says:

    Nice to see those old micro games get re-released. Looks like a good-quality product, too. There were several of that type of game that I liked, but no longer own. How reasonably priced are the $2.95 games now?

    • Yes, I’m impressed with the quality of the finish and each component. This cost me $20/£15 plus shipping; considering the age and production costs involved to re-release these, I think its pretty reasonable. I suspect originals would go for a similar if not more cost on eBay.

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