200th Blog Post and Site Changes

Whilst looking through the blog stats a couple of months ago I noticed that I was coming up to a significant number; there would be 200 published blog posts here on Alegis Downport. I wanted to do something a bit ‘different’ to recognise this event so I got thinking on what I had written about over the past nine years. One thing that has become a major and integral part of this blog is the reviews of gaming products, very kindly sent to me by the good folk of Independence Games, Stellagama Publishing, Zozer Games, Moon Toad Publishing and March Harrier Publishing – thank you all! In addition, I have developed a couple of other significant series of posts; ‘The Fantasy Traveller’ and ‘Laserburn’. Looking at the site stats, these are all sections of the blog that receive regular and continuing visits.

In order to make these pages easier to find as a sort of ‘resource’, I have added some menu links which detail every blog post here on Alegis Downport. This (at time of writing) is a work in progress as I am steadily working my way back through the posts, adding the links to each post title, so please bear with me as these are updated!

I hope you find the addition of the menu links and lists helpful and as they are written, new post links will be added in the future.

Thank you to all my visitors and everyone that have favourited and commented on the blog, it is very much appreciated.

I hope you keep well and stay safe,


About AlegisDownport

Musings on the Traveller RPG world, technology, astronomy and digital art.
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