2019 in Review

Its New Year 2020 and its time for a review of what was happening on the ‘Downport in 2019. It didn’t work out as I’d originally planned this time last year, as I was aiming to increase the number of visitors to the blog to over the 11,800 that had visited back in 2017. Family matters have had to take a priority so the blog hasn’t been updated as often as I would have liked, but with my wife getting some treatment and support I’m starting 2020 with a bit more optimism and hopefully a chance to catch up on a bit of writing.

So a bit of analysis of the popular articles on the blog:-

There were 8079 page views, from 3872 visitors, plus 44 likes and 33 comments. This worked out at 673 visitors per month (down from last years 990). However the drop in visitor numbers can be explained by the lesser number of number of articles which were posted, which totalled 15; 2018’s total was 32, so my output fell by over half. The closure of Google+ I think hit the number of linked visits initially, but things seemed to have picked up again now that the discussion groups have been established on the social media network MeWe.

Top 10 Most Popular Posts

The most popular posts of 2019 were:

1. Cepheus Engine Fantasy Traveller Part 1 – Basic Character Generation

2. Cepheus Light Three-Format Review

3. Laserburn Memories

4. New Cepheus Engine Releases

5. The Fantasy Traveller

6. Cepheus Engine Fantasy Traveller Part 1 – Character Classes

7. Zozer Games Solo Review Part 1

8. Cepheus Light – Traits Review

9. Dirtside Review

10. Cepheus Quantum Review and Publisher Updates

The remainder of the stats are made up of reviews of Gypsy Knights / Stellagama / Zozer Games / Moon Toad Publishing reviews; Laserburn articles also continued to be featured strongly, which was nice to see so much love for the old TTG game.


So what do I make of this? Cepheus Engine and its various backgrounds (Clement Sector / These Stars Are Ours / Hostile) seems to have really taken off, I guess in some way influenced by the various rules sets (Cepheus Light, Pocket edition etc) released by Stellagama Publishing. Laserburn has proved to be a consistently popular read (as it was last year) which still surprises me how this still pops up in the stats. As I’ve sourced some Laserburn Scenarios this will hopefully keep up the articles popularity. Last year ‘The Fantasy Traveller’ was the top post, which has been overtaken by its ‘modern’ equivalent for Cepheus Engine; this bodes well for the upcoming release of Stellagama Publishing’s ‘Sword of Cepheus’, a set of fantasy rules based around the CE SRD.

Focus for the Coming Year

The reviews will still form the bulk of the articles in the coming year, but with family matters taking priority I’m not going to set targets like I usually do as the best laid plans and all that… so I think I’m just going to highlight areas that I would like to write for outside the reviews that usually get posted:

Another CE ‘Fantasy Traveller’ article.

Some Laserburn stuff based around the scenarios I’ve recently purchased.

A bit more work on my ongoing writing project.

Something for Classic Traveller.

…anything else is a bonus.

So to finish; I want to express my appreciation all the support and messages that people send in via the blog and Twitter (@AlegisDownport), thank you to all my visitors for reading my musings and to my friends that support this blog by kindly sending me products to review, they help keep me sane and a ‘safe’ diversion from when real-life gets a bit heavy. Thank you all and I hope 2020 proves to be a safe, healthy and happy one for you.

Unfortunately we lost my Vargr crewmate Millie back in April, so we went to the local Greyhound Trust rehoming centre and adopted Luna. She is pictured here stood in front of the Kelpies in Falkirk, when we went on holiday to Scotland in October. Luna is already proving to be an excellent member of the ships crew and will be joining us on many more adventures.

Cheers, Steve

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