Patrons and Amber Zones

A short mention of a bit of an anniversary today which I’d like to mark; twenty years ago today I was in Cornwall for the 1999 total solar eclipse. Though it was cloudy at Watergate Bay (on the north coast of Cornwall), it was still an awesome experience seeing the moons shadow rushing towards us as we stood on the cliff looking towards Newquay. There must have been hundreds of people stood with me on those cliffs and thousands more in Newquay a couple of miles away. I managed to find a couple of photos taken with one of the first digital cameras that became popular (an Epson PhotoPC 600).

The moon’s shadow heading towards us…

Under totality…

We even had a display from the Red Arrows display team and a Lancaster from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. It was a wonderful holiday with friends, one of which is sadly no longer with us. One day I hope to experience a total solar eclipse without the cloud!

Apologies for the slightly blurred picture, taken in the surf shack / bar next door to our hotel…

Moving on to the title of this blog post, BeRKa over at the Zhodani base has posted a Amber Zone competition back in June and whilst I’m writing my own entry for this year, I realised that I dont have any links to the previous ‘76 Patrons’ and ‘Amber Zones’ that BeRKa has been running over the past few years. So I’ve compiled this list for the previous scenarios that I entered, along with a link to the full list. I think this is a brilliant resource that BeRKa has put together and I thought it was worth highlighting as a source of useful gaming inspiration.

My own entries for the ‘76 Patrons’ competitions:

2011: ‘The Builder’

The players are asked to transport a gang of burly construction workers but the results may not be what the players expected…

2013: ‘The New Messiah’

The players are asked to transport a religious leader across space to help spread his word. However odd things start to happen aboard their ship. Is the leader all as he seems?

2014: ‘The Venatorian Club’

The PCs are tasked with acting as bodyguards looking after a group of wealthy people who want to want to go hunting. However the group may have other ideas about what – or who – is hunted.

2016: ‘Technical Support’

The CEO of a large finance company believes there is some irregular activity going on in his company and he wants the players to pretend to go under cover as IT support officers and find out what is going on.

My own entries for the ‘Amber Zone’ competitions:

2014: ‘One Second to Midnight’

The patrons daughter is trapped on a world which is rapidly becoming engulfed in a global war. However the players won’t have much time as something catastrophic is about to happen and they don’t want to be on the planet when it happens.

2015: ‘Ice Cold on Alexandria’

Trapped on an ice planet, the players are asked to help rescue the patrons father in order to help fund their ship repairs. Nothing has been heard from the base and what they have been researching may not be too friendly.

The full list of entries and adventures is available here if you find yourself short of some ideas for a gaming session, there are some cracking ideas from a number of very imaginative people!

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