New Cepheus Engine Releases

Before I start with the main feature, I just wanted to mention that I left my (now former) employer in local government on Friday, after a very enjoyable seven years in employment. It also marks just over 25 years working in front-line IT support in the education sector, which I have now left. I’m starting with my new employer (also local government) in less than two weeks, but with a bit of a career change moving into Information Governance. The biggest difference will mean that I will get at least three hours of my life back from the daily ~70 mile commute, which will now turn into a <5 mile round trip. Its a career and employer I have thoroughly enjoyed, but its time for a bit of a change. A side benefit is that I might get a bit more writing time back…! Thank you for listening.

Anyway onto Cepheus Engine; there seems to be a lot of goings-on in the Cepheus Engine world at the moment; plenty of new releases, some free content along with printed (dead-tree) versions. I’m finding that more and more I’m enjoying the latest Cepheus Engine releases coming out of publishers such as Stellagama Publishing, Gypsy Knights Games, Zozer Games and Moon Toad Publishing. I thought I’d do a round-up of the new releases that have come out over the past few weeks along with other content that I have found just before going on holiday (I’m writing this at the cottage I’m staying at with my family in Bowness-on-Windermere in the English Lake District).

Printed books purchased from; I ordered some books from which I’d spotted. I picked up:-

Cepheus Faster-than-light from Stellagama Publishing

Cepheus Light Pocket Edition also by Stellagama Publishing

Dirtside by Zozer Games

Hot Zone by Zozer Games

Pioneer Class Station by Zozer Games

The delivery arrived pretty quickly (despite some confusing information about who was the courier) and I’ve brought the CE Pocket Edition with me on holiday. I’ve always been pleased with items that I’ve bought from and these books are no exception. All the books except CE Pocket Edition (I’ll call CEPE from now on) are roughly A4 in size and feature a glossy cover and back. Inside the pages are bright white with paper what feels comparative to standard photocopier paper in weight. I’m going to be taking a more detailed look at the books and content at a later date, but in the meantime here are a few snapshots. A nice touch is that if you order the print books, you can contact Paul Elliott of Zozer Games with your order details and he will send you a copy of the same books in PDF format, redeemable via DTRPG. CEPE is a digest-sized book in 196 pages, condensing the Cepheus Light rules set (also by Stellagama) down into a nicely portable book.

Gypsy Knights Games Releases

Gypsy Knights Games have released ‘Interface: Cybernetics in Clement Sector’ which is (loosely) a companion to ‘Artificial: Robots in the Clement Sector’ though both are distinct products and do not require each other to be used. Whatever types of 24th century personal enhancements you want, you can probably find them in this book.

Also out from the same publisher is ‘Almighty Credit: Corporations in Clement Sector’ which covers as the name suggests major and minor corporations and finance in the GKG background ‘Clement Sector’.

Moon Toad Publishing

Want to build your own vehicle? Drive around in your own tank and squish some ground-cars? Well now you can with Moon Toad Publishings ‘Vehicle Design Guide‘. This has only just come out in the past ten days or so and I’m hoping to obtain a copy to review soon!

Cepheus Engine Forum

A new website forum has been launched (on the 18th of May) catering for many of the Cepheus Engine publishers. The forum can be found at: and is free to register.

Stellagama Publishing Releases

Stellagama have updated their ‘Cepheus Faster-Than-Light’ super-rules-light edition of the CE SRD book for 2D6 SFRPG gaming. The latest version features an updated cover and layout changes; biggest difference I’ve noticed is that the page count has gone up from 38 pages to 60. I’m going to take a more detailed look as to why at a later date. I should note that the print version on has also been updated with a gorgeous new cover.

I have also found on DTRPG some free content created by Stellagama (variously by Omer Golan-Joel, Richard Hazlewood and Anthony C. Hunter), under the following headings:-

Cepheus Light Character Sheet

Cybernetics for the Cepheus Engine


Trauma Surgery for the Cepheus Engine

Cepheus Light Character Sheet

This download contains both A4 and US Letter PDF formats for a nicely laid out character sheet, in both landscape and portrait formats. Clear, functional and does the job.

Cybernetics for Cepheus Engine

A three page PDF of which two pages is actual content, the last page being the legal open game license statement. A shame that on a three-page PDF one third of the content is legal stuff, but thats the license so it has to be part of the package, free or not. The first two pages list a total of ten cybernetic enhancements that someone can buy (with a few variations for some of the enhancements). For example telescopic limbs; hacking module or subdermal armour. You get a description, cost per tech level and details of enhancements.

Belting for Cepheus Engine

This supplement is four pages long, three of which is actual game content. You could look at this as a massively-reduced version of Uranium Fever (also by Stellagama) which is a full set of rules for mining and prospecting. Belting could be used to fill in a gap in a nights session to see if a party with its prospecting ship could find enough minerals and make a few credits on the local minerals market. You get details about how to find asteroids, mining them and what they contain – the basics to get you by.

Trauma Rules for Cepheus Engine

Once all your core three stats are reduced to zero in Cepheus Engine, your character is dead. However Trauma Rules offers options (over two pages of content plus one license page) for your character to cheat death. There is a chance that through surgery, your character can be saved with help from a medical team / autodoc – as long as you are fast in getting that character the attention they need.

These are some really useful optional rules and all add to your Cepheus Engine game and even better they are free to download via DTRPG. I think its really good of Stellagama to offer short supplements like this and it would be great to see a few more like this to enhance your Cepheus Engine game. With all these releases Cepheus Engine seems to be going from strength to strength and its nice to see a wide variety of content being released.

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9 Responses to New Cepheus Engine Releases

  1. Great article, and congrats. I had a 77 mile commute one way and now it’s 4. Sometimes change is tough but necessary

  2. He a few but missed several. Now my wallet hates you.
    Not really.
    One great part about Cepheus Engine is that it’s relatively inexpensive. Light on cost but big on adventures!

    • I am glad to provide that wallet-emptying service Sir! (Only joking!!!) Yes compared to the latest Mongoose releases there are very reasonably-priced products out there.

  3. Omer G. Joel says:

    Thanks for the review!

  4. Bob Loftin says:

    Agree that Cepheus Engine is great. I recently got it, the Clement Sector core books, and just ordered Omer’s CE Lite book. Running my own Classic Traveller game, but starting to incorporate a lot of CE stuff into it. Great blog man — I have a lot of reading to do.

    • Thanks for the comments Bob; I agree CE is great for ‘enhancing’ CT and for introducing new ideas. I’m glad you’re enjoying reading the blog – thanks again & best wishes, Steve

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