Eight Years of Alegis Downport

Its been eight years since I launched this blog, so happy birthday to me (if thats possible!) As much as I have tried however, its been a tough couple of months since I last posted what with things going on in real life. However there is some light at the end of the tunnel and I am just waiting for some very positive news to be confirmed in the next week or so. Once I have got that out of the way I’m expecting to have a lot more time to catch up and contribute to my Traveller et al musings. Before anyone asks, no I have not won the lottery! I feel a bit guilty not reviewing or posting anything for nearly two months but sometimes real life has to take priority, I’m about to make a big change in my life, so my time for the moment has had to be made in that direction.

I’m currently working on a review of Gypsy Knights Games ‘Artificial: Robots in the Clement Sector’ which I will have posted in early April, along with some recently released products also from GKG and Stellagama Publishing. Though things have been a bit quiet recently in the Traveller RPG / Cepheus Engine world with a limited number of releases and Google+ about to shut down, refugees have been finding sanctuary on the MeWe social network and things are expanding there almost daily.

Since I launched this blog back in 2011, there have been nearly 45,000 visitors at time of writing, more than I could have ever possibly imagined. I’m immensely grateful for the continued support and comments, here’s to getting back on track!

About AlegisDownport

Musings on the Traveller RPG world, technology, astronomy and digital art.
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