2018 in Review

Having worked off the excesses of New Year’s Eve with a full English breakfast and settled down to do a bit of writing, its time to have a look at what has been going on in the ‘Downport over the past year.

Perhaps perversely, one of my favourite things to do at the end of the year is to round up what were the most popular articles on the blog, page visits and interactions for the previous year. It helps me to take a step back and see what visitors are enjoying reading, which influences what I decide to write in the coming twelve months.

Site Stats in Numbers

2018 saw a total of 11,882 views from 5116 visitors, 38 likes and 46 comments. Thats up on 2017’s total of 8,528 views (by 3,354) by 3653 visitors, 30 likes and 40 comments. My target was to increase site visits and hit 10,000, so I’m very pleased this has been achieved! However the closure of Google+ later this year may hit 2019’s total, so we shall see. Before anyone suggests it, no, I will not join Facebook! Site stats are my own personal target and help to motivate me to write for the blog. I don’t deliberately place adverts on the posts, except what WordPress force into the article; I have no control over these which is the price of a free blog account.

Top 10 Most Popular Posts

Some context has to be taken with these, the penultimate blog post for 2018 ‘Cepheus Light Three-Format Review’ leapt into eighth position despite only being posted on the 28th of December. The top ten posts by page views were:

1. The Fantasy Traveller

2. Zozer Games Solo Review Part 1

3. Laserburn Memories

4. Spacecraft Design Guide Review

5. Zozer Games Solo Review Part 2

6. Uranium Fever Review

7. Cepheus Engine Fantasy Traveller Part 1 – Basic Character Generation

8. Cepheus Light Three-Format Review

9. Laserburn as Classic Traveller LBBs

10. Traveller Rules and Near Space


Worth mentioning just outside the top ten are quite a few of Gypsy Knights Games reviews, peppered with Stellagama Publishings products (including ‘These Stars Are Ours’) and individual ‘Fantasy Traveller’ articles. My attempt at using the Classic Traveller rules in a fantasy world continues to be the top post. The Zozer Games product ‘Solo’ has been a consistently popular product month-on-month that people have been looking for reviews. A huge surprise has been the popularity of the old Tabletop Games ‘Laserburn’ 15mm rules. A look at this mornings stats (1st of January) reveal every article I’ve posted about Laserburn has had several page views, with most from the United States. Someone is feeling nostalgic!

Focus for the Coming Year

Reviews will form the bulk of the blog posts through the year, starting with the list I posted on the 30th of December. I want to continue the expansion of my Fantasy Traveller articles into the Cepheus Engine / Light system and rewriting some of the Classic Traveller-based articles into CE / CL. Classic Traveller stills needs some love though, so I’ll continue to support this in some way. Laserburn has been a surprise for me in its popularity and this is something I’d like to continue to write for. I managed to pick up a copy of ‘Scavenger’ earlier in the year which is the only solo adventure published for Laserburn. I was working through this before the kitchen refurb halted everything for several weeks so I’d like to write something around ‘Scavenger’ this year.

I’ve also got another writing project ‘under the hood’ going at the moment, which I’ve been working on since last August. I’m not sure where this is going to take me or what it is going to develop into, so depending on my confidence with this I may post something about it later in the year.

There has been some resurgence in Tunnels and Trolls by Flying Buffalo, following on from several successful Kickstarters which I have taken part in. I enjoy the T&T adventures for my own bit of gaming when I can, but I don’t know where this fits into this blog, other than serving as a continual source of inspiration for the Fantasy Traveller posts. I may test the water with a review of one of the Kickstarter releases and see how it pans out.

I have written the occasional article on some of the less popular systems or products, though they don’t get a huge number of page views. I do like to dip my toe into a different system, even if it is just to give me a break from the norm.

Finally, one other aim I would like is to get to the UK Games Expo this year. The venue is not that far from me but holidays and other family events always clash with it. Perhaps this year…?

Thanks again for all the support from my visitors and publishers who send me stuff to review! It might be January 2019… but there is still eleven months to get flying cars as featured in ‘Bladerunner’… you never know!

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2 Responses to 2018 in Review

  1. Happy New Year! I continually enjoy your blog and look forward to reading another year. Like you, I am a Cepheus Engine convert and will keep playing for a long time to come.
    Deep thanks for keeping the reviews coming. I had almost left the RPG hobby but your posts kept me interested.

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