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I was contacted recently by a fellow RPG’er named Andy Lawfield who was trying to track down some old school RPG materials from back in the day. Though I wasn’t able to help with Andy’s FASA Battletech queries, I was able to help with his Tabletop Games (TTG) request. I’d kept hold of a TTG catalogue that I think I’d picked up at Games Day ’86 in London. Andy explained that he’d owned a copy of the TTG catalogue but unfortunately they’d been lost over the years.

Andy asked if I could scan the catalogue for him as it would be great if he could read through it again, as (like myself) he’d spent many a hour pouring over the listings planning his next purchases. He’d searched the internet for any available to download but had hit a dead-end and my copy was the only one he’d come across.

I was happy to oblige a fellow gamer and scanned the catalogue and flyer insert, which I then converted to a couple of Adobe PDFs.

So for the benefit of the rest if the gaming community, I’d like to share the catalogue and flyer and make them available to download here:

Tabletop Games TTG Catalogue 1986

Tabletop Games TTG Flyer Sept 1985

The flyer (3Mb PDF) was inserted into the catalogue (17Mb) but I have saved it as a separate file due to the change in layout.

If anyone has any tips where Andy can download (legitimately and legally of course) any FASA Battletech catalogues, please reply via comments section below!

*Update* Paul ‘Geist’ Gallagher over on the Traveller RPG forum on MeWe kindly posted some links to the ‘Alternative Armies’ website and the 15mm ranges they have available for both Traveller and Laserburn.

15mm Laserburn and Asgard Ranges

25mm Asgard Sci-Fi Range

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