Dragonmeet Birmingham 1980s Flyer

From the last of the flyers that I recovered in a recent sort-out (along with the Games Day and Golden Demon Award), I have a Dragonmeet Flyer from one of the events held in Birmingham in the mid-1980’s. I have a little doubt as to what date that the event was held however; I’ve tried cross-referencing it against old White Dwarf magazine advertisements but I can’t find a date match. Best I can recall is I think it was either 1985, ‘86 or ‘87, probably the middle year and that it was the first Dragonmeet being held in Birmingham.

I think this might be the right advert for it, from White Dwarf:

I’ve at least found the location, the New Imperial Hotel in Temple Street. This is what it looks like now;

I recall waiting at the head of the queue (my cousin Carl and myself got there *really* early!) just inside the doorway. Once we got in, I remember it was a bit of a crush getting around as the various stands and exhibitions were scattered around the hotel. One live event that was taking place was of a Battletech demonstration; the gaming board was laid out with several players sat around the table. Me, being a cheeky sod sarcastically said (forever to my shame) ‘Oh look, Transformers!’ Apparently though I didn’t notice at the time, Carl later said that the player that I was stood over turned around and gave me (a well-deserved) filty look! Not many years later, this sarcastic little sod would play Mechwarrior on the PC *to death*.

There were a number of stands, I picked up a pile of figures from the Citadel stand, I recall visiting the Mythlore stand and picking up a leaflet about their LARP stuff and having a good look at some of the fantastic Tony Ackland artwork he’d brought along. The weapons and armour brought along from the Sealed Knot re-enactment society was pretty impressive; plenty of suits of armour and weapons on display. Some of the staff from the Games Workshop store in Birmingham were there helping out as well. We didn’t stay a huge amount of time, by late morning we’d done all the stands and seen all that we’d want to see so headed over to Games Workshop back in the Birmingham Shopping Centre (as it was known) to see what else we could spend some cash on.

The enduring memory I have of the day is of a crush getting around the rooms to see everything that was going on; it was great to see an event such as Dragonmeet come to Birmingham; I wonder if anyone else went to the same event?

The flyer is in a bit of an odd size, sorry for the rubbish scan but it was the best way to get all the pages in the PDF at the time. It can be downloaded from here: dragonmeet_programme.


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