LBB Booklet Template

Looking at the page stats, it appears that the Laserburn LBB rendering as been a very popular article. Following some feedback, I’m making the template available to download in MS Word format.

I’ve included some instructions on how to change the colours in the template along with two different types; one for rule books and one for supplements and adventures.


All files in the ZIP archive have been checked for viruses, malware, trojan programs at the time of creation. However I take NO responsibility for any damage or loss that could result in use of the archive. It is provided as-is, no warranty is given therefore use at your own risk.

The template archive can be downloaded from here.

You will also need the Optima font which can be downloaded from here. Thanks to the Zhodani Base for finding this.

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Musings on the Traveller RPG world, technology, astronomy and digital art.
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2 Responses to LBB Booklet Template

  1. Shelby says:

    That was very thoughtful, thank you!

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