Horizon Survey Craft Update

A little bit of self- promotion for this blog post, Paul Elliott of Zozer Games contacted me a few weeks ago to see if he could use some of my artwork that I produced in a previous article. I’d created an image and some isometric views of the Horizon Survey Craft, based on the (at the time) freely available PDF from Drivethru RPG. The Horizon DRV is a 100dTon TL9 spacecraft which is designed for use in the Orbital 2100 SF RPG setting, compatible with the Cepheus Engine rules. However the original version was still written with the Mongoose 1st edition rules in mind and disappeared from Drivethru RPG for a while. When Paul contacted me, he was intending to bring it up to date with the Cepheus Engine rules set.

I sent over the artwork to Paul, plus an additional rendering of the ‘Spider’ 5dTon lander which he added to the book. The updated version is now available to download for free from here and if you have already ‘bought’ it from DTRPG, you should find the updated version in your library.

Thanks very much Paul for asking to use my artwork – in return he sent me a copy of ‘Hostile’ which I’m looking forward to reviewing very soon!

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1 Response to Horizon Survey Craft Update

  1. HOSTILE…The Alien setting with serial numbers filed off. Really good implementation of Cepheus Engine. Between HOSTILE & Orbital 2100 one basically has all they need to make their own The Expanse setting.

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