Freelance Traveller July-August 2018 Out Now

Just a quick mention to say that the latest issue of Freelance Traveller magazine is out now (July-August 2018, issue number 088); I’m very proud to mention that Jeff Zeitlin (editor) has included my review of the Gypsy Knights Games product ‘Manhunter: Bounty Hunters in Clement Sector’ which has been previously published on this blog.

I’d like to thank Jeff for asking if it could be included in Freelance Traveller and hopefully he will consider future submissions.

Its an excellent read (as always!), which this month includes amongst others a scenario for Zozer Games ‘Orbital’ setting, a scout/courier design, a TravCon 2018 report, reviews and rules supplements contained in 68 pages.

Freelance Traveller can be downloaded for free following this link.

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2 Responses to Freelance Traveller July-August 2018 Out Now

  1. Really liking all the love Gypsy Knights Games & Zozer get for their Traveller settings.

    • It’s well deserved, there are a lot of really high quality products coming out from these publishers (I’d add Stellagama to the list) for CT/2D6 SFRPG. I’ve got a couple in the review pile which will be reviewed very soon!

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