Games Day 86 Programme

Whilst sorting through some of my old gaming material the other day, I came across a few programmes and leaflets from some of the conventions I went to ‘back in the day’. I’ve scanned some in, the first if which is presented here; the programme for Games Day ‘86, held at the Royal Horticultural Society Hall in London.

I hadn’t long turned seventeen and I was on an electrical engineering course at college. I’d managed to save some money from the meagre wages I was on and I travelled down to London on a National Express coach (North American visitors = equivalent is the Greyhound buses) from Birmingham. I think it arrived at Victoria coach station and I walked to the venue. I went on the Saturday so it was pretty busy; arriving at the entrance was like turning up at some hallowed halls of legend as I’d been looking forward to the day out for months.

My memory is a bit vague of what was there, I can recall visiting most of the stands; there were some live games taking place, plenty of books and miniatures to look at – some were up some steps either side I think, looking at the programme. I went with the full intention of purchasing a new set of gaming rules and bought the Palladium RPG (black and red cover). I’m not sure what other books I bought, but there were plenty of figures from Citadel purchased. An endearing memory was hauling what I bought across London back to the coach station in several plastic bags which felt like it weighed nearly half a ton! I poured over the purchases all the way back as I had table seating on the coach.

It would have been nice to visit the Games Workshop store whilst in London but alas this was my one and only visit to Games Day in London.

The programme is in excellent condition so I’ve provided a scanned copy free to download here. I wonder if anyone else visited the same Games Day? If so please feel free to comment in the usual place!

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4 Responses to Games Day 86 Programme

  1. Ben says:

    I was also there but was only 12. I recall the RuneQuest tower (71) very clearly and was trying to find out more details. Thanks for the programme upload.

  2. Mike says:

    Hi. I remember that day too. I was 19 and worked in London Monday to Friday. I wanted to go to the Sandy Petersen seminar. I can’t recall much else about the day other than walking to the Hall from the tube station and getting to meet Sandy himself and ask a question. I had to leave a little early to meet a work colleague. Thanks for bringing back some happy memories of good times.

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