Clement Sector Bundle of Holding and Can You Survive

It’s nearly May the 4th (…be with you) again and John Watts of Gypsy Knights Games has released a ‘bundle of holding’ containing much Clement Sector goodness for very reasonable prices!

The link for the bundle is here: Clement Sector Bundle of Holding

You can pick up two packages, the first a ‘starter’ set containing the following PDFs for $9.99:

Clement Sector

Clement Sector: The Rules

Rucker-Class Merchant (part 1 review) (part 2 review)

By levelling-up, you can qualify for the second bundle (threshold price $20.24), which contains the following:

Cascadia and Franklin sourcebooks (Cascadia review)

Anderson & Felix Guide to Naval Architecture

The Cascadia Adventures (mentioned)

21 Plots Go Forth (review)

This really is a cracking set of packages and a great way to get started in the Clement Sector!

Ah, but there is more…

Gypsy Knights Games have 30% off their products over on Drivethru RPG. So why not pick up a few extra books at a bargain price?

Can You Survive…

…is the title of last years GenCant free supplement from FFE, where they made light (and took a great opportunity) of the old Classic Traveller adage that its one of the few RPG systems where your character can die in the character generation process.

So at last years GenCon, there were free supplements available for you to try the character generation process and see how you get in. Additional cards were available for a PWYW fee on DriveThru RPG and I was lucky enough (by complete co-incidence) to obtain a free CharGen pack as I’d ordered the Traveller HERO CDROM at the same time the offer was on. This was some time ago and only had the chance during a quiet afternoon last weekend.

The pack included two Traveller dice, a ‘Can You Survive’ introductory rules pamplet and some character sheets to record your characters details. The CharGen process is clearly described – but I did notice a slight difference. Instead of having a fixed value that you need to roll for when enlisting, surviving, getting promoted etc and the same value is used each time you progress through a term of service, you have to pick one of your characteristics (Strength, Dexterity etc) and roll against that value for the period of the term. I can only assume this is a Traveller5 rule, its not something I have seen before as I don’t own Traveller5.

So I followed the instructions and rolled up a character, choosing a Marine career path. I picked a random name (Markeith Elson) from the website Donjon SciFi Random Names Generator, rolled the following numbers and assigned them to these attributes:-

STR 12 DEX 9 END 10 INT 6 EDU 10 SOC 5

Equipped with these stats he started his first term of service. If my character is to survive the CharGen process, it was obviously wise to go in on the highest possible value to roll against for survival, commission and promotion. Picking strength (12), I basically couldn’t fail to complete term 1. This allowed me to pick up 6 skills as he had also successfully rolled for a commission and promotion.

Term 2 started and I picked Endurance (10) this time. Still pretty high so I would be very unlucky to fail to survive the term. Another commission and promotion was gained; I successfully repeated this through terms 3 and 4, as EDU (10) and DEX (9) were still pretty high to roll against.

Term 5 came up and I had to roll against Intelligence which was an average 6… I was starting to get a bit nervous! Though I did survive (rolled a 2), my character failed his commission (rolled a 12) but did get promoted). Unfortunately the final roll to re-enlist resulted in a 10, so I assume he got fed up max’ing out his potential advancement and decided to take his pay and benefits.

The Benefits rolls were pretty lucky as well, one weapon (an Advanced Combat Rifle-10), 60,000Cr in cash, 80,000Cr retirement package, a Knighthood and a medal ‘SEH Starburst for Extreme Heroism’.

Overall it was an enjoyable, quick way of getting some characteristics and numbers-based skills and cash behind my character, so I can see this fitting in with its intended use at a convention very nicely. There isn’t any backstory to roll for (like Cepheus Engine or Mongoose Traveller 1st edition), but then again neither did Classic Traveller – you made it up (and in some ways that was the fun part!) A nice package to receive from FFE with my CDROM order (cheers Marc!) and was a useful dip into an alternative Traveller CharGen process.

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