The Fantasy Traveller Part 14 – Creating Magic Items

Building on the last part looking into using magic items, lets take a look at the process of creating them. Again, magic items are broken down into two halves – ‘complex’ magic items that contain spells or are simply more than enhanced weapons. The second type of item is the ‘simple’ magic item, where the Shaman tries to create an item that has an enhancement, such as a sword +1DM to hit.

Creating Magic Items

This should be pretty high-level stuff I reckon, so its a skill level 3 spell to cast. You need to expend the ‘create’ spell and the same amount of points as you would, for the additional spell that will be ‘added’ into the item. However you can expend multiple points for the added spell, but only one lot of create spell’s points.

For example, Ula wants to create a magic sword that will have three ‘Detect Magic’ spells built into it. This is a skill level -1 spell, costing 1 STR point a shot.

The Create Magic spell costs 3 STR points and 3 END points. Because it is convenient at the time, she decides to cast the Create Magic spell (3+3 points) and add two Detect Magic spells (1+1 STR), so the total number of points expended is 5 STR points and 3 END points. The success roll is made, so there is no waste in points.

However at a later date, she wants to add another Detect Magic spell to the same sword, so this time the points cost is 3 STR + 3 END points for the Create spell, plus 1 for the Detect Magic spell, total this time is 4 STR + 3 END. The sword has the three intended Detect Magic spells and she puts it out for sale at the local bazaar.

So you only have to expend enough points to create the magic item, but in stages and you add to it as you want. That way you don’t have to expend dangerous levels of points in trying to get the item you want to create. This adds to the impression to non-Shamans that magic items take a long time to create and expend a lot of effort.

Spell Description

Create Magic Item

Cost: 3 STR, 3 END plus the same amount of points rated for the spell being added to the item

A spell can be added to an item to make it magical. The creator determines the spell (which also determines the level of the item for detection purposes) and expends the points necessary to add the spell to the item. Multiple additions of the same or different spells can in theory be added to the item.

Image licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license

Creating Low Level Simple Magic Items

Another new skill level 3 spell, I’m proposing this method so that Shamans can create enhanced weapons. The Shaman casts the spell on the weapon and expends the necessary points. Note I have prefixed the number with a + or – sign, so the Shaman can create ‘negative’ weaponry.

To Hit / Damage Adjustments

+/-1 weapon – double weaponry points plus the casting amount (3 STR, 2 END) = 5 / 3 total

+/-2 weapon – double weaponry points plus the casting amount (3 STR, 2 END) = 7 / 3 total

+/-3 weapon – 6 points plus 3 STR and 3 END = 9 / 3 total

The success / failure roll still has to be made, if it fails then the points are simply expended and lost, with the item gaining no magical ability at that time, though its fine to try again at a later date. How much the Shaman charges for the creation of such items is entirely up to them. The spell description therefore reads:

Create Simple Magic Item

Cost: 3 STR, 2 END plus double the number of points STR to enhance the item

A weapon can be enhanced by expending enough points at the same time as casting the spell. For an item that you wish to increase its to hit or damage DM, then +1 would require an additional 2 STR points plus the cost above, a +2 item would require 4 additional points and a +3 item would require 6 additional STR points. Items above a +3 DM are virtually unheard of.

Now that we have a few extra spells, I’ll update the spell book in my previous article to include these and from part 13.

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