The Last Titan

Whilst clearing out the garage a while ago (at the same time as coming across my old copy of ‘The Sorcerers Cave’ actually), I found one of my miniatures carefully packed away. Retrieving the box, I managed to grab a few shots before packing it away again as I was short of time clearing all the junk I had found.

I thought I would mention this as this particular miniature is quite significant for me; it was the last ever figure that I converted and painted, around 1992 and represents the pinnacle of the conversion jobs I used to do.

It still has some of the patches of white primer that I applied with the intention of fixing some minor chips and abrasions, but never got round to it. Twenty-five years later, the figure remains locked in time, those Citadel paints having long dried up.

I’ve done a bit of digging on the SOL (Stuff of Legends) which hosts scans of the Citadel catalogues, I recall buying at least two of these Reaver Titans from the Warhammer 40k Epic scale series. From the available parts, I chopped off two arms to get the shoulder mountings and fixed them to the rear of the titan with a mixture of Araldite glue and Milliput, which allowed me to have four hardpoints to attach weapons. Having access to a number of defunct 1/72 scale aircraft models, I ‘borrowed’ an ECM pod and at least an (I think) AIM-120 air-to-air missile. The rest of the scene was constructed from Milliput and various bits and pieces glued together.

I noticed that a missile or two has become detached, which a drop of superglue should sort out. The whole thing was a b*****d to transport to my mates and I think I moved it only once.

With a gap of a few years, I was painting and converting miniatures for nine years in total, I’m glad this has survived largely intact and hope to get a more detailed look at it soon.

Now, how much are Citadel paints again?

…Bloody hell…!

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