Top Five Issues of White Dwarf

Over on Twitter, @DailyDwarf was posed an important question by @Smiffymark66:

Which started a little discussion amongst other gamers, so I got thinking about what are my five favourite issues of White Dwarf magazine? Rather than just posting the magazine covers, it was an excuse to write a blog post and briefly qualify why they are my favourite issues. I’m not going to rank them, because they are all in my top five for different reasons.

Favourite Cover

Got to be issue 46; two F-16 Falcons blasting past and unidentified alien spacecraft, that looks like its just appeared in low Earth orbit. Why has the ship appeared? Where is it from and what does it want? The scene I find so thought-provoking as to what is happening. The artist style reminds me of Angus McKie, but it is actually a piece by Gary Mayes. Dramatic and beautifully composed, a brilliant piece of artwork.

Favourite All-Round Issue

This one is issue 53; the first ever issue I bought back in May 1984. I was hooked – I read every single review (which included Traveller Book 6: Scouts) and that epic Warhammer Fantasy Battle (1st edition rules) scenario ‘Minas Tirith’, which depicts ‘The Battle of the Pelennor Fields’ from the Lord of the Rings. Of course there was the humour; Thrud the Barbarian and The Travellers, both of which would become firm favourites.

Favourite Scenario’s

Two issues come to mind, issue 56 has the adventure ‘The Last Log’ for Call of Cthulhu. What set this scenario apart for me was the utilisation of the Grenadier Miniatures Traveller Imperial Space Marines, with some Space 1999 ‘Eagle’ Transporters to create a gorgeous diorama. I have got some of these Space Marines somewhere…

The second scenario is the Traveller adventure ‘An Alien Werewolf in London’ in issue 62. The cover is pretty good as well (by Chris Achilleos, whose exemplary artwork has graced many a cover of WD), which to me implies a sort-of link to the Traveller adventure, depicting some sort of wolf-like creature about to attack an adventurer.

Favourite Article

The earliest issue that I own is issue 34, which was purchased when Games Workshop started selling off back issues at their Birmingham store, before they started to become more of a ‘house’ games shop and less emphasis was placed on other manufacturers games. Again, it’s something for the Traveller RPG; called ‘Droids’, it was a feature on robots by Andy Slack. What always catches my eye is the line art by Russ Nicholson (@RussNicholson), two robots starting a patrol on a flyer, streaking away from their base. Andy has contributed many quality articles to WD over the years, as has Russ artwork.

I wonder if anyone else has some favourites? If so please post to the comments boxes below!

Update 20th Feb:

Daily Dwarf has posted on his blog his top five WD issues here. Why not hop over to his blog and take a look?

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3 Responses to Top Five Issues of White Dwarf

  1. Michael Johnson says:

    Tough choice but I would pick Issue 28. This issue has a fantastic cover and inside, the “On Target” hit locate article written by Steve Cook. We used that deadly system as part of our Traveller games for years.

    • Thanks for the tip Michael, I know there are some pretty good Traveller articles in the early-ish WDs (I’m thinking the 1-30’s), I’d better get some shopping done on eBay for those missing issues!

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