2017 in Review

Its now a few weeks into 2018 and now I’m recovered from lurgy/flu/Nurgles Rot that seems to be doing to rounds again, I want to take a step back and take a look at how this blog has been performing. So I’ve been doing a bit of data mining, well – looking at the stats and come to some rough conclusions about who has been visiting and what is popular on Alegis Downport!

It can be a bit narcissistic to review your own blog I agree, but I try and write things that both the visitor and I enjoy so I like to find things that are interesting, useful and will hopefully generate repeat visits.

So, time for a bit of data crunching… get the performance review form out!

How the Blog Performed

Following a very slight decline in page views in 2014, I started to get more visits to the blog increasing significantly in 2016 with 5400 page views. I set a target for 2017 for 7000 page views – I managed to beat that significantly and get 8528 page views, which I am extremely pleased at! Visitor numbers also shot up from 2217 to 3653. I’ve tried to push blog posts with a bit more advertising and activity on forums and social media (even though I still refuse to join Facebook!) Monthly page views have gone up from 450/pm to 710/pm.

For ever single visitor that has read my writing, liked and posted comments – I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank You!’ I am very grateful for your visits and feedback!

Where in the World?

No not PC World (sorry, that was a catchphrase from a dodgy TV advert), but what countries have my visitors come from? Top number of page views are from the United States – at 5206, followed by the United Kingdom at 1350. Though I am living in the UK (and British), I always post the prices of the products I review in US Dollars, simply because that is the largest proportion of my audience. The next three countries visiting (in page view rank) are Canada, Germany and Australia. However, its nice to see page views from countries as diverse and as far away as South America (Brazil, Argentina), Japan, South Africa and Congo – Kinshasa and Indonesia.

Most Popular Posts

This I find very interesting, because its useful from the point of view what is useful for the RPG community. Taking the homepage page views out of the equation, the top posts are:-

The Fantasy Traveller

These Stars Are Ours Review

Zozer Games Solo Review Part 1

Zozer Games Solo Review Part 2

Traveller Rules and Near Space

These Stars Are Ours Review (the core Cepheus Engine product by Stellagama Publishing) was the top posting through most of 2017, right from when it was first published. However it was pipped at the post in the last few weeks of the year by my take on the Classic Traveller rules set in a fantasy background ‘The Fantasy Traveller’ which has now reached twelve parts. The Zozer Games ‘Solo’ product which I split over two parts to make sure I gave it a comprehensive-enough review, has been read many times despite only being posted in September. Generally, the most recent product reviews from Gypsy Knights Games and Stellagama performed consistently well, just under these top five.

Oddly enough though, where I have been able find some of my Traveller miniatures or Laserburn kit, these have featured highly in the rankings. Certainly food for thought and what to look at in 2018…

So what of 2018? I have some reviews to complete and post from my products pile and based on the popularity of the posts last year, at least two more ‘Fantasy Traveller’ articles should be aimed for. If I can get hold of some of my RPG stuff stored in the deepest parts of my garage, that should present some interesting old-school angles on gaming. I want to keep the numbers of articles up per month as well, so I’d better start catching up!

To round off, I want to thank again all the people who have visited my blog, the same thanks also go to the publishers that kindly sent me products to review, especially John Watts of Gypsy Knights Games, Omer Golan-Joel of Stellagama Publishing and Paul Elliott of Zozer Games, my best wishes to you all.

Cheers, Steve

‘…may your starports be bureaucracy-free and your fuel always be refined…!’

The obligatory end-of-year photo of my pet Greyhound Millie, pictured here at one of Newquay’s many beaches, last October.

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