RPG Releases and Merry Christmas

Its Christmas Eve and I have a chance to get a final blog post in before the big day. There have been a few interesting releases in the past few weeks so I’ll start by collating and mentioning them here.

First off Gypsy Knights Games have published ‘Wendys Guide to the Fleets of the Sequoya Sector’. This was released in November and is a sort of naval review of fleets and developments in a specific sector of the Clement Sector. Several systems fleets and background are described and though sounding like quite a ‘dry’ subject of material, GKG always put plenty of backstory and along with an additional set of deck plans for a fighting ship and new career, it looks like a great read. Out now for $9.99 on DTRPG.

The first part of the Kickstarter ‘Grognard: Ruminations on 40 Years of Gaming’ has been sent out to backers. This was a very nice Christmas present to receive when Marc Miller emailed out the link to download the various electronic reading formats. The Kickstarter had been delayed due to Marc discovering that he needed a heart operation, which pushed the publication back some weeks. I’m very glad to hear that Marc is making good progress with his recovery and all parts of the Kickstarter will be fufilled soon.

The book itself covers the period 2000 to 2015 when Loren Wiseman was editor of JTAS Online, for Steve Jackson Games and includes all the editorial posts that Loren made on JTAS Online; I’ve read through from the start of the book to 2002 so far and it makes for incredibly interesting reading. In some of the posts Loren is ‘speaking’ from the start of the internet age and makes some quite prothetic observations. Self-driving cars, the influences of mobile technology and how companies try to grab your attention when you are browsing the web, oh and of course some Traveller stuff of course!

I would like to make a more detailed review once my USB stick is delivered (with a copy of The SJG JTAS online) and I’ve had more time to read ‘Grognard’. In the meantime I’d like to wish Marc Miller a continued speedy recovery and good health for the new year.

Stellagama Publishing have just sent a copy of ‘Variant Psionics for Cepheus Engine’ for me to review. This introduces a complete variant system of psionics for the Cepheus Engine and other 2D6 OGL rules systems. If you want to take a look at the product on DTRPG, why not follow the link (available for $3.49 on DTRPG), or if you want to wait, I’ll be posting a review shortly.

The last bit of release news is something that I’m extremely interested in backing; its a book describing the heady days of Games Workshop. Dice Men: Games Workshop 1975 to 1985 is being funded through ‘Unbound’ (aka: United Authors Publishing) and is at time of writing, 36% funded. The book will include the story of how Games Workshop came into existence and its rise as the leading retailer of RPG’s and associated products in the UK. Personally I’m hoping it will include pictures of the Birmingham UK store from the early 80’s (the period when I first got into gaming) as these seem to be scarce and hard to find the internet.

Another fine ale beckons, so I’ll leave this short post there and wish everyone a very happy Christmas / holiday / winter festival celebration / snow god worship / however you may or may not celebrate this time of year! I’ll be back before the end of the year with a post or two.

Best wishes, Steve

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