Horizon Survey Craft Model

When Zozer Games published the Horizon Survey Craft supplement on DTRPG some time ago (which I reviewed here), I was quite enamoured with the design. So a few months ago (well, quite a while ago) I started designing my interpretation of the Horizon based on the description in the booklet.

After many interruptions and breaks from my 3D software (AC3D), I purchased the latest version that was compatible with my Windows 10 laptop and I finally finished the design just over a week ago.

I’ve published a 3D rendering over on my Digital Waterfalls Gallery site, but I thought it would be nice to publish some alternate views of the craft with some snapshots from AC3D, on this blog. If you are flying one of these in a game of Orbital 2100 at the moment, I hope this provides some inspiration for you!

Unfortunately I can’t provide a link to the product as it’s been withdrawn from DTRPG, but perhaps the idea here could be used for an alternate TL9 startship design built in Cepheus Engine.

*Update* the book is available again, via this link on DTRPG.

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4 Responses to Horizon Survey Craft Model

  1. Michael Johnson says:

    For designing reaction drive ships I would like to recommend Gypsy Knights Games Anderson and Felix Guide to Naval Architecture. One of the rule modules details reaction drives and artificial gravity generation.

    • Thats a very useful comment Michael, thanks for reminding me! I must take a look at the A&F GNA for some upcoming designs I’m working on at the moment which use reaction drives.

  2. Gryphon_oFH says:

    Plus, in line with Michael’s thinking, the look and feel on the Horizon really synchs up well with the idea of a frontier environment cut off from main-line growth from Terra. In your design, you also might want to see if you can tuck away room for some solar sails… just in case! The ship is looking very good!

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