The Fantasy Traveller Part 11 – Weapons Charts

This blog post has been a long time in coming; I’ve been wanting to convert a good range of fantasy weapons for use in Classic Traveller (to go with my suggested rules changes in the ‘Fantasy Traveller’ series) for some time and I’ve finally come up with something that I’m happy with.

Image released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license, copyright Sidsel Clement Holdt.

Using Classic Traveller for a basis of fantasy rules always presented me with a bit of a disappointment, in that the range of low-tech weapons is very small. To address this and because I’ve always loved the fifth edition Tunnels and Trolls weapons charts, I’ve used them as inspiration to produce the document presented here. Not all the TnT weapons are converted over (I’m trying to be very careful I don’t enfringe on any copyright) but have picked out a decent range that are also found in many other RPGs. This boosts what is available in Classic Traveller, with full CT stats as per LBB’s 1-3.

To download the current edition, click on this link:

Fantasy Traveller CT Weapons Charts (2017 Edition Release 1)

The chart is far from perfect; many stats I have had to make the most informed judgement call when deciding in what stats to apply. This is based on comparing similar weapon stats from CT and what stats are used in TnT and my own limited knowlege of the weapons themselves. That gave me a rough approximation of what stats/DMs to apply to the weapons.

If there is something you don’t agree with, by all means make your own change; this isn’t canon and very much a set of ‘house rules’ that I hope you will find useful. If you have suggestions that tou would like to share, or additions for the next release of the document, by all means get in touch via the comments below.

Development on these lists was sped up by my next installment in the Fantasy Traveller series; the Gladiator character class for CT. I’ll be publishing that in the next few days, as it has references to some of the weapons in this list.

Whatever rules set you use or imaginary environment you prefer, have fun and enjoy the rest of the summer!

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