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Marooned Alone as a Solo Adventure

Ever since I can remember seeing the Classic Traveller ‘Little Black Books’ (LBB’s) and studying them on the shelves at Games Workshop Birmingham, one adventure stuck in my mind; ‘Double Adventure 4: Marooned/Marooned Alone’. At the time, I was heavily … Continue reading

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A Fifth of 21 Plots Review and Loren Wiseman Kickstarter

Its been a few posts since I reviewed some of the Gypsy Knights Games products, so I thought I’d better do some catching up and delve into ‘A Fifth of 21 Plots’. The book is available from Drivethru RPG for … Continue reading

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The Fantasy Traveller Part 12 – the Gladiator Character Class

I’ve been working on my articles for my ‘Fantasy Traveller’ series and got thinking about an additional character class based around the Roman Gladiators. I did some research on the internet and with the help of good old Wikipedia, came … Continue reading

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