These Stars Are Ours Primer Review

Its been a few months since the release of ‘These Stars Are Ours’ (aka ‘TSAO’) and a couple more products have been released by Stellagama Publishing. The one book which I’ll be looking at in my next blog post is ‘50 Wonders of the Reticulan Empire’, however for this quick review, I’m going to take a look at ‘A Primer to These Stars Are Ours’.

This is a free product that is available to download from DriveThru RPG and offers a way for potential purchasers to sample a new setting without having to go to the expense of buying the core product. 

The books setting details a near-future environment where the human race (Terrans) has been enslaved by an alien empire (the Reticulans) for hundreds of years. Eventually, the Terrans found a way to fight back and gradually, one by one, reclaimed the Earth and nearby worlds for its own. There are a number of other races such as the Chiwak, Cicek and Sesslessian’s that occupy nearby star systems, some friendly, some not-so-friendly.

The book is 21 pages long and is broken down into the following sections:-

First couple of pages, give a brief introduction to the 23rd century, combined with a page narrative, described by a former guardsman on his tour of duty.

The next page describes the required materials and a brief background of the writers and contributors to the book.

The following page has some very nice line art illustrating what the various races of the TSAO ‘universe’ look like and how they compare in size.

You then get four pages of the setting overview, describing the various empires involved, a half-page map of the nearby worlds and the Terran Borderlands.

You are presented over the next three pages, a sample character generation of a Reticulan ‘grey alien’ character. In the core book, you get a huge amount of source material and detail for playing different races.

After the Reticulan character generation example, you get two pages describing a Reticulan flying saucer (yes, a flying saucer!)

The final four pages are split between a sample adventure, some news dispatches (in TAS news style) and a couple of pages advertising the main core rule book of TSAO. The book is interspersed with some line art and a colour illustration of the flying saucers, by Ian Stead.

Based on the Cepheus Engine rules, this is a really nice way to dip into the world of TSAO and getting a feel for the background. Considering the book is free and only 21 pages long, it offers a considerable amount of background information and is well worth picking up as a download. If you want to take a look at my full review of TSAO, why jump in via this link?

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5 Responses to These Stars Are Ours Primer Review

  1. I skipped the Primer but it sounds like an excellent player handout.

  2. golan2072 says:

    Thanks for the excellent review!

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