Alegis Downport 2017 in Review

It’s 2017 and it’s time for the inevitable review of the year. To be honest, I was expecting the usual email from with a breakdown of my stats, but it never arrived. Looking at other websites I subscribe to, they haven’t been posted either, so I wonder if WordPress has changed its policy and is no longer sending these out? Oh well. 

Dad – stop taking pictures of me for your bloody blog!

I like to do a site stats review as it gives me some idea of what posts are the most popular, where I get my visitors from as it gives me some sort of idea of what to write over the coming year. So, without further ado, lets have a bit of a look what people found interesting at Alegis Downport…

Total number of visitors for 2017 was 5400; this is fantastic and nearly a 50% increase on last years total number of visitors of 3716. Average per month has gone up from 309 last year to 450. The most popular day was the 12th of September with 114 views and there are now 111 articles on the blog, up from 86 last year. Top three countries that my visitors came from were the United States of America, United Kingdom and Canada. The most popular day was the 12th of September with 114 views and there are now 111 articles on the blog, up from 86 last year. However it’s nice to see some visitors from as far away as Taiwan, Ecuador and New Zealand! I have tried to make a concerted effort to get posts done on a regular basis, though the start of summer are still low points with posts and number of visitors.

The top three posts were ‘Traveller Rules and Near Space’, ‘The Fantasy Traveller’ and ‘The Space Patrol Review’. The first and last of these I suspect are linked from Facebook (even though I’m not on Facebook) where a number of referrals have come from. The middle post shows the continuing interest of using and converting the Traveller rules set in a fantasy environment. Overall, its the reviews (especially for Gypsy Knights Games and Stellagama Publishing) products that generate the bulk of the traffic to the website.


I don’t see much need to deviate from current writing plans, I intend to continue to write reviews as products are sent over to me, but also still put in some variety with ‘The Fantasy Traveller’ series and the occasional single, non-series article (my Traveller Ships Crew Miniatures post seemed to be incredibly popular). I do publish thanks when publishers send me products to review, but I would like to send a couple of ‘big’ thank you’s – to John Watts and Omer G. Joel, of Gypsy Knights Games and Stellagama Publishing respectively who are very kind in sending me over copies their latest releases to review. Gents – I very much appreciate you doing this and this blog would be less without your support! I would also like to thank each and every visitor, from wherever in the world you may be; your support by visiting Alegis Downport, posting comments and ‘likes’ (not just here, but on Twitter as well) is really appreciated! 

I hope 2017 is safe and healthy for you all – best wishes, Steve.

PS – a couple of releases just appeared on DrivethruRPG – SOCS17: Atlas-class Freighter by Gypsy Knights Games and Far Horizon by Zozer Games, the former I’ll be reviewing shortly!

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