Game Planner Micro-Review

For this final post for the month of November, I have picked up a copy of ‘Game Planner’ from Drivethru RPG, written by Felbrigg Herriot. It is a scenario generator for Mongoose Traveller first edition, containing 8 pages of tables. The process is very simple; phase 1 you roll a D6 and you consult the first section of the charts, which lists the type of scenario. This then gives you an event with another number. Jump to that number and roll again on the chart. This gives you a specific type of scenario, again listed on the first page of the book. The remaining book lists the choices that you can make from phase 3, which provides the final bit of detail to help you construct your scenario.

For example, roll on the table for phase 1 (General type of scenario) – a 4 = an assault. Then roll for phase 2 (type of scenario – what type of assault) a 1 = stronghold. Then refer to table 24 for phase 3 – a 5 = military camp.

In addition, you roll again to help construct sub-plots, allowing the referee to build up the structure of a scenario. Its a nice idea that works well, its a shame that the instructions are supplied in a readme.txt file separate to the main book, which gives a feeling of inconsistency in the package. However, there are two additional files supplied, the book has been written in ‘Pocketmod’ format which allows you to fold an A4/letter printed copy into a small booklet, which you can carry around with you. The editing could have done with a bit more proofreading, as there are one or two spelling mistakes.

Overall, not having the instructions as part of the main book doesn’t really matter as you get the idea pretty quickly and is good value at $1.49. 

I have also seen a notification on my Drivethru RPG inbox that the ‘Ships of the Clement Sector 16: Rucker-class Merchant’ has just been released, so I’ll be downloading this later today and checking it out!

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