Clement Sector Second Edition Release

April the 15th is a very significant date in the Gypsy Knights Games universe, a few hundred years into the future the wormhole that serves as the link between Earth and the other side of the galaxy, suddenly collapses and strands everyone in the Clement Sector thousands of light years from Earth. 15th of April 2016 is also another significant date, being the release date for the second edition of the Clement Sector sourcebook. The book has been significantly expanded and has now been released under the Open Game License (OGL) which removes any sreferences to the Traveller RPG. However the book is in now diminished for it as CS has always been an independent setting that has never relied on the Third Imperium background.

People who have already bought or been gifted CS will find they have an updated download available from Drivethru RPG. Its a huge change but from my initial run-through of the book, it is most certainly worth it – its a cracking read and if you haven’t already picked up a copy, I highly recommend that you do so.

Clement Sector can be purchased in various formats from Drivethru RPG.

I’ll be reviewing the second edition very soon!

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