New Traveller RPG Releases from and GKG

Well, this is excellent news; I had an email arrive in my inbox yesterday from Marc Miller over at Far Future (FFE), your one-stop shop for reprints and PDFs of the original Games Designer Workshop materials. Some time in production but very glad to see its release, are two new CDROMs available to purchase. The first is called ‘The Lost Supplements’ / Apocrypha-3, a copy of the disc contents is available by clicking on this link.

The disc contains such lost supplements such as ‘The Arctic Environment’ by the Keith Brothers and the thirteen issues of the ‘Traveller Chronicle’. Both CDROMs are available purchase from FFE for $35 each.

The second CDROM contains materials published using the Traveller HERO system; notably, it contains such supplements such as ‘The Bowman Arm’ and the ‘Spinward Marches’ system and adventures. I’d read about these but never found anywhere that they could be purchased, until now. If you want to look at the CDROM contents, click on this link.
There has been another release from Gypsy Knights Games, notably another in their ‘Ships of the Clement Sector’ series, namely the Broken Hill Class Prospector. This is the twelfth book in the series and I will be posting a review very soon!

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