Five Years of Alegis Downport

Alegis Downport is five today – happy birthday to this blog! I can’t believe that five years have passed since the first blog post on this day back in 2011. A huge amount has changed in those brief five years, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to review my first post and compare what I originally wanted to do when I set up this blog, to what I have actually achieved.

I would like to mention before proceeding an apology to regular visitors – sorry for the lack of posts over the past few weeks, due to a family bereavement. Some things have to take a back seat and you concentrate on the more important things in life before routine can resume.

Looking back at my first post Welcome to Alegis Downport there were a few key aims I wanted to achieve:-

See what I can make creating some form of solo rules/adventures.
Create sector/subsector environments, worlds and background.
Adapt and develop new 3D artwork suited for the Traveller background

So lets have a lookat each one in turn; ‘creating solo rules/adventures’,  the solo rules side of things hasn’t really happened, perhaps because of the inherent difficulty in creating such a thing. However, I have some unpublished solo rules for space trading which was adapted from the Classic Traveller rules set, which I have used for some solo gaming around trading and encounters. One of the days I’ll get round to compiling these into an article or two. The adventures side of thing hasn’t been too bad – I’ve sent in regular entries to The Zhodani Base and The Amber Zone, one of which won the Zhodani Base 76 Patrons contest in 2011 – The Builder. I’ve just sent in my latest entry for this years competition, overall I think I’d consider that as ‘achieved’.

The second aim – ‘create sectors / worlds and background’, seems to have been achieved but in a way that I didn’t expect. The first posts along this line were in creating a fantasy world but using the Classic Traveller rules set. These have become the series ‘The Fantasy Traveller’, of which there are now ten parts and have received nearly 1600 views, which I’m more than happy with. Obviously there is a demand to meld the Traveller RPG rules set with a fantasy background, so I’ll continue to add to this where I can.

The third part ‘adapt 3D artwork for the Traveller background’ has been exceeded beyond what I originally hoped for. I’ve been very lucky in receiving a number of art commissions including a number from Gypsy Knights Games which in turn have become the covers for both PDF and printed books. I am extremely grateful to John Watts at GKG for helping me achieve this long-held ambition of mine!

There are two things that aren’t mentioned above which I didn’t predict; firstly reviews of Traveller RPG products have become a major feature of the site. I thoroughly enjoy reading and reviewing the new books and from the site stats, plenty of visitors get enjoyment from reading them as well. The top rated post Lune Class Freelancer and Spacecraft Design Sheets has so far been read individually over three hundred times. Gypsy Knights Games products feature highly as well and are an extremely popular part of the website, however there are too many to mention here individually.

Secondly I’ve made some good friends and got to know people from around the world who share the same or similar interests as me. The Traveller RPG community that I’ve been in contact with have been kind and generous individuals and I hope that one day I can meet up with them to shake their hand and say ‘thank you’ for their contribution to this blog.

Here’s to the next five years and thank you to my 4864 visitors (to date) who have viewed 18,233 pages over the past five years and to all my future visitors to this blog!


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Musings on the Traveller RPG world, technology, astronomy and digital art.
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