The Fantasy Traveller Part 10 – Non Human Characters in Traveller

Whilst I have been writing these articles about using Classic Traveller in a fantasy world context, I’ve written them with two environments in mind. The first is using them as a games system within a fantasy world, the second to provide a planet within the imperium with a very low tech level background that adventurers from the current imperial timeline can travel to and immerse themselves in.

The later is restrictive in that it doesn’t allow for non-humanoid characters from the ‘traditional’ races that you see in other FRPG games, including Dwarves, Elves, Goblins and suchlike. However, I’d like to suggest some stat adjustments when rolling up characters from these other humanoid races, for the former fantasy world environment.

Using my Tunnels and Trolls 5th edition set of rules (which has very much been my go-to reference during the whole of these articles over the past few years) here are some suggested statistic changes for when you roll up a new character. The stat changes are made before they embark on any career generation process.


There are some limits when making the adjustments to the initially rolled UPP statistics; if a modified stat falls below 3, then the adjusted value remains at 3. By the same merit the maximum UPP value that can be achieved after adjustment is 15 / F. I’ve included a few from the ‘monster’ races as a tip to the Flying Buffalo ‘Monsters! Monsters!’ rules set, a self-contained expansion of the TnT rules which I think brings a little extra variety to the character generation process.

I’m currently working on a huge weapons list which expands the Classic Traveller weapons and armour charts and tables, which I hope to post in the next part of this series.

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