The Experiments Review

I picked up a copy of ‘The Experiments’ written by Felbrigg Herriot over Christmas after noticing it being advertised on Drivethru RPG. Its pitched as a ‘one-shot’ scenario designed for an evening’s play, available as a PDF for $1.99. The book is designed for Mongoose Traveller containing a total of 19 pages and starts with the referee’s introduction to the scenario.

The scene presented is that the players have signed up for setting up terraforming machinery on a six month contract. The rewards are pretty high, however there is a clause that the characters agree to submit to minor physical ‘enhancements’ to help maximise their ability in being productive.

Trent-Class Destroyer

I’m not going to spoil the plot, all that I will say is that something goes catastrophically wrong for the players and they are put into a time-limited escape scenario. There are a couple of pages describing some of the hazards that can be pitched against the players and the remainder of the book is broken down into a number of sections with a monochrome floor plan of the environment. The floor plans however can’t be used with miniatures and only show what the immediate environment is like, as a point of reference.

There are very few statistics used throughout the scenario except for the creatures and example PCs. This lends itself well to be adapted to your preferred SFRPG; on the downside, this means there is more work for the referee to do in setting up the scenario and judging the difficulty of challenges that the players will encounter.

The author has a particular style of writing that takes a bit of getting used to and unfortunately some of the sentences don’t flow as well as they could do. I also spotted a few typo’s that could do with tidying up.

Overall, a reasonable scenario; a bit of editing and some more statistics would complete the book and make it a more polished product. Alternatively with a bit of extra work the referee will have a decent evenings play for a group – but I should note you won’t want your normal long-term characters to be in this scenario… not if you want them to gave a reasonable chance of surviving!

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