Amber Zone Contest Results 2015

The results over at have been announced, with Friz getting first place with the adventure ‘Judge Me Worthy’. A worthy winner (so to speak!), in fact all the adventures are enjoyable and I always look forward to reading these as they’re posted in the weeks before the judging period. Though my own entry ‘Ice Cold on Alexandria’ didn’t win, I’m very grateful for the kind comments and for the goody pack that will be on its way.

If you want to take a look, the winning entry is posted here:-

The top three entries can be found at this link:-

…and the entries that didn’t win (but still got prizes) are listed here:-

There was one comment that was made about the title of my entry which I’d like to comment on:-

‘Great idea to use a film title and almost do the opposite!’

…I actually came up with the adventure idea first and only at the last minute after it was written did I come up with the name. It is based on the film ‘Ice Cold in Alex’, a film I’ve seen many times and adapted for the adventure title. If anything, the adventure is based more around the wikicommons image of the Antarctic research base. Something that I would like to do if I have time, is to develop the idea more into a more detailed scenario which I’ll post on this blog possibly as a downloadable PDF. Watch this space…!

Thanks to everyone at the – this competition is good fun and enjoyable to take part in each year!

This will be the last post before Christmas so whatever you do or however you celebrate the holidays, thanks for visting and I hope you have a great time! May Santa bring you a full and profitable cargo bay and copious amounts of refined fuel!


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