Ships of the Clement Sector 11 – Fedpost Mail Courier Review

Released a couple if weeks ago and sneaking in just before the Christmas holidays, Gypsy Knights Games have released another ship supplement for their Clement Sector ATU, compatible with Mongoose Traveller. The book is available from Drivethru RPG for $4.99 and is 24 pages in length in watermarked PDF format.

Communication and getting the mail delivered in the Clement Sector has the same problem as it does in Classic Traveller, in that messages and parcels can only be transmitted at the same speed as the starship carrying the message. The X boat background has always been a rich source of adventures and this book adapts that principle for the Clement Sector.

The book, written by Michael Johnson starts with a couple of pages with the now familiar descriptive ‘scene’ featuring a particular character. The character featured is Diasuke Shinba, a Fedpost courier pilot who is trying to fight his way through some attacking Belters to make sure the mail gets through. This sets the book up quite nicely as Diasuke is featured later with full NPC stats and additional full colour images throughout by Bradley Warnes. From what I have read about Diasuke, he’s a likeable character and would prove useful in being a lynchpin for getting players involved in adventures.

SOCS11: Fedpost Mail Courier

The bulk of the book is taken up of course by the Fedpost Mail Courier ship itself, a 100 dTon starship capable of two Zimm-jumps before refuelling. Ian Stead has provided some lovely illustrations in colour and monochrome through the book, the quality being of his usual high standards. Three pages provide the description for the starship itself, on initial reading this seemed a little light; however on subsequent re-reads it feels just ‘right’ and the text is nicely balanced. There is the essential set of deck plans and Mongoose ship statistics are included as well.

Could the ship be used as an adventuring ship by a small crew? Anything is possible, there is hard point for weapons and 15 tons of cargo space but you are limited to picking up refined fuel only, so this isn’t a craft you want to use as a ‘freelance’ mail courier plying the spaceways between frontier worlds.

What helps balance the book out besides the the NPC background is the addition of full character generation steps if you wish your own character to join the Fedpost. It’s a character path that holds a lot of promise for adventure – the role has a lot of responsibility as the mail must always get through! In some ways the role reminds me of the original scouts from Classic Traveller, in that they must be very self-reliant and resilient in dealing with whatever is thrown at them. Fedpost couriers generally travel in pairs for crew rotation, though it is known for them to travel on their own. A further page lists half a dozen adventure hooks to get players involved with the Fedpost in some way.

There is one minor omission from the Fedpost character profile – resilience from the cold, as no matter what my Royal Mail postie always seems to wear shorts no matter what the weather!

This is a thoroughly enjoyable book; certainly worth the price for the Fedpost character profile and I feel referees will get a lot of value in using the book as there is plenty of scope for use in adventures. I would like to thank John Watts of Gypsy Knights Games for kindly sending me a copy to review.

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