An In-Clement Christmas Part 3 – Ships of the Clement Sector 10 – Lee Class Merchant Vessel Review

With my final part of the ‘An In-Clement Christmas’ review series, I’m taking a look at the latest of the Gypsy Knights Games releases; ‘Ships of the Clement Sector 10 – Lee Class Merchant Vessel’.

This is a supplement featuring just one spacecraft, in comparison to the last release (SOC9 – System Defence Boats) and can be purchased from Drivethru RPG for $3.49 (at time of writing – normal price $4.99) for a 27-page PDF, 12.3Mb in size.

This is quite a comparison to the previous book, in that the minor criticism of the last book was lack of colour in the 3D views of the ships, this book has plenty. The book starts with a three-page situational introduction which helps to introduce and build a little ‘life’ around the NPCs which are featured later. You then have four pages which describe the background and development of the ship, constructed by Boone Starship Industries. The vehicle ended up as a 400dT Zimm-drive equipped ship, so this is perfect for long trade runs between systems. The specifications are quite detailed and the deck environment is extensively described. It’s nice to see the description of the ship being that such, you are almost given a walk-through of what you actually see on the ship.

SOC10: Lee-Class Merchant

The Lee-class is quite a spacious craft – it can carry up to 160 tons of cargo, in a double-height hold. Ideal for transporting vehicles or simply stacking those cargo pods high! Just like SOC9, you then have some lovely views of the Lee-class in isometric views, a 3D scene in monochrome (by Ian Stead) and deck plans by Michael Johnson. Following that, you have a colour page showing some of the markings and decals of some Lee-class merchants; a nice touch and helps to break up the monochrome artwork.The next seven pages describe a Lee-class merchant crew with full NPC-stats and background to their starship, the ‘Nebulas Ghost’ (though on page 17 its listed incorrectly as ‘Nebulas Dream’ (GKG are really good at correcting typo’s and issuing revised versions through DTRPG). Character illustrations as usual by Bradley Warnes. To round off, there is a single page with six adventure ideas.

From a design point of view, I like the Lee-class; proportionally it looks right, Ian Stead has got the right amount of surface detail on the ship and there is a limited amount of streamlining where the engines join the main body. It looks ‘right’ as a starship and the last page has a list of silhouettes which shows how large the ship is in comparison to other published craft, including the ‘Rucker-class’ of my own design.

If you are looking to set a bunch of players with a suitable trading ship, I don’t think they could go far wrong with a Lee-class merchant (as long as they can afford the repayments of course…!) From a referees point of view, another high-standard Gypsy Knights Games product that is difficult to fault. Well worth buying for Christmas and starting some adventures in the Clement Sector! My thanks to John Watts of Gypsy Knights Games for supplying me with a copy of the Lee-class to review.

That concludes this set of Christmas reviews (yeah, I know its only November, but I’m getting these reviews in early!), however I’ve got a few more planned over the next few weeks to make up for the dearth of posts over the last three months, which I hope you will enjoy in the run up to the holidays.

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